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Exteriors are refurbished and painted in a color selected by you, to be pleasing to your plants location

Container being loaded and prepared for shippment,


The Control Panel for the Miller Bilt Dryer, is PLC controlled, and offers various options, including controlling
of up to, two external drains, they can be ordered with "Halt feature" which suspends dryer operation, after current cycle is completed, when no demand for compressed air is prsent, Dew Point Demand Control, and/or monitoring is available, along with a host of available alarms you might require.

Other Container Options

Other Applications for These Packages include Workshops, Vacuum Pumps,
Generators, Electric Switch gear Rooms, Electric Motor Control Stations, practically anything you wanted to keep
in a controlled environment

Electric Switchgear Rooms, Motor Control Centers,
Control Stations, Operator Stations etc.

Control Panels