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Products and Services
ELECTRICAL MOTOR CONTROL:  Panels designed and built to your individual specifications
including but not limited to Sequencers, Alternators, Dew Point Demand, Remote Operation of
Electric Driven Equipment (including radio controlled) Zero Speed Sensing for Conveying Systems,
Variable Speed Drive Packages, Solid State Reduced Voltage Starters.  Each unit is designed,
programmed and built to Customer Specification, then fully tested, including simulation of operation
prior to Shipment, it is then ready for installation, in the event of problem, simply contact our office
and you will speak directly with the Technician for a prompt resolution.

COMPRESSED AIR and VACUUM:  Units are designed and built at our Altoona Facility, they
include all equipment specified and are delivered to the job site requiring only Electrical and
Plumbing Connection, they allow for reduced plant noise levels, long term operation due to the
controlled environment, while freeing up valuable plant floor space.

COMPRESSED AIR PURIFICATION EQUIPMENT:  Compressed Air Dryers manufactured at our
Altoona Pa. facility, offer efficient operation, easy serviceability, state of the art controls. They provide
years of trouble free operation, Dryers are offered with properly sized Coalescing and Particulate
filtration packages,  providing desired air quality

ROTARY SCREW AIR COMPRESSOR REBUILDING:  Units sent to our facility are first completely
evaluated, then disassembled, they are then remanufactured in accordance with factory specifications
Available updates include retrofitting existing compressors with Variable Speed Controls allowing
for increased energy efficiency, and reduced capitol expenditure when part of an over-all energy
conservation program, this decreases overall project "pay-back"

MACHINERY REBUILDING:  Our unique company stucture allows us the opportunity to offer turn-key
machinery rebuilding, housed within our Pennsylvania facility is an Electric Motor Repair Shop, Welding
and Fabrication Shop, Machine  Shop, and Electric Panel Shop.  Units shipped to our facility are evaluated
then disassembled, then once final plans and budjets are approved, units are rebuilt mechanical and or
electrically,  whatever the job calls for, then returned to the customer, to be put back in service, many
of our customers have found this to be an excellent way to stretch the capitol expenditure dollars.